NFT London was a great experience and it was a honor and an amazing opportunity to be there!
Between 3 and 4 of novembrer I could learn about many projects dealing with NFT and get many inspirations. It has been a full time discussing and learning how the NFT world is growing and in how many ways people are conncting and working together to explore, create and share.



NUNA Collector

“Never stop learning”

Turgleez — Escanor’s favourite NFT collection
  • How did you approach to art?

I have seen the interest and dedication of others which made me to do some research on arts. After some time i tried my best to join some art community and also I am trying to do art myself.

  • When or how did you start to collecting artworks?

It has been couple of months that i have started collecting artworks.

  • How do you choose what to buy and why?

It depends on the context and skills of artists.

  • What do you think about NFTs art?

It has a bright future ahead.

  • What are your future projects/works?

Currently I’m doing some research on coding and other development areas.

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