1° launch of NUNA NFT Club

Nuna Project Art
1 min readJun 21, 2022


It’s time to begin!

NFT MAZE, SAF Artistic Residence

NFT Maze is a project created thanks to the connection of 9 artists from SAF Artistic Residence. The final result presents the coexistence of all the arts joined together in a unique video where different art styles, techniques and expressions communicate between them.

The project’s final art has been chosen to be the first one to be rewarded to the members of NUNA NFT Club, for this reason each of the 100 Top holders will receive one item.

This week, on 23 June, the first NFT will be delivered to the current 100 Top NUNA Holders.

To determinate the first 100 members a screen shot will be made to the NUNA holders list in a random time before that moment.

→ Do not miss the chance to be part!

Find more art here in Nuna Gallery: https://litemint.com/u/artists