NFT Maze Project

Nuna Project Art
2 min readJun 17, 2022

SAF Artistic Residence

We are happy to share with the community the results of the NFT Maze, a project born with the aim to promote the connection and free expression of a group of 9 artists.

The final result is the coexistence of all the arts created, joined together in a video where different art styles, techniques and expressions communicate between them.

NFT Maze:

Mixed techniques: painting, video, sound, animation

Each of the participants have created and amazing piece, all the original arts that are now part of NUNA Gallery

GO N-EIRI ON BOTHAR LEAT (digital painting)
NUNA GLOBAL (digital painting)
KEEP BURNING (poetry and video)
SPARKLE (digital paint and sound)
WATERLILS (animation)
NUNA SUNRISE (paint with AI)
SEIS (cyanotype, digital painting and sound)
CUNABULA (edited photography)

Thanks to all the artists who have participated and share their artwork for this project!