Artist on SAF residence

“We need to be good to everyone & make them feel good — always.”


I have been drawing my entire life. I played a lot of pixel art games like the old pokemon games and the yu-gi-oh! Trading card game for the Gameboy advance. I had always wanted to learn pixel art, so I picked it up and never looked back. I draw in multiple mediums, but pixel art is my favorite one.

I started doing pixel art four or five years ago creating sprites for random projects. I found out about NFT’s and decided to get more involved. I helped a few friends with their projects until I decided to create my own. I started drawing when I was very little.

Pixel art techniques consist of blending, dithering, and careful observation of detail. Pixel art is created with very small dimensions of numbers such as 16 pixels, 32 pixels, 64 pixels, and up to 256 pixels in some cases. Most pixel art projects work around 32 or 64 pixels. Paying close attention to not over-detailing as well as not providing enough information to the observer is very important.

I have always been one to carve my own path and I find that following, especially blindly, along with a path that is already in motion or pre-destined is almost always a recipe for disaster. Creating your own work and image/brand has always been crucial in extremely successful projects. If we are to be successful, may it be to the extent that one would consider “extreme”, as there is seldom a point to limit the potential as to follow along blindly.


Currently I am working on TURGLEEZ NFT collection, in this process my typical day is very busy. I work nearly all day on the artwork and spend time with promotion, marketing, guiding my Discord admins, etc. It is not, in the realm of possibility, an easy task to manage an NFT project.

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