Nuna Project Art
2 min readAug 2, 2021

We live in a present where the developent of new technologies, such as blockchain, offer us new opportunities and is rapidly transforming the artistic market leaving us always less time to react. That is why we want to be part of this movement and help improve society using the blockchain technology on Stellar Network

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What is StellArt Artistic Fundation (SAF)?

StellArt Artistic foundation wants to become an international center of culture and artistic creation in the Stellar blockchain network. We want to carry out an extensive program that includes exhibitions, festivals, music, cinema and audiovisual projects, NFTs, Crypto Art, conferences, conversations, workshops, residencies for artists and educational programs.

We want SAF to be an active place for the sharing of culture, for artistic experimentation and for the debate of ideas in all the fields of art:­ design, literature, digital culture and many other creative practices.

SAF encourages the encounter, the exchange and contamination between different models of cultural production in a way that facilitates interdisciplinary experiences, linking artistic knowledge with scientific and technological research. A space that encourages inclusion and diversity, which carries out specific projects for different communities, with experimental and quality initiatives. It is a center for conversation and debate, to promote the most contemporary creation, critical thinking and contribute to the renewal of artistic ideas and languages.

We want to make this possible through a center of artistic residencies, art projects, education and future associations with communities to act and research, co-create content and programming.