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5 min readNov 12, 2021


Stellar artistic foundation is pleased to launch its first online artistic residency. With our residency programme we want to give to all artists, collectors and developers a possibility to share ideas, develop a project and mint it on stellar blockchain.

The residency will consist in creating a project in a collaborative and interactive virtual space where all can find a support during the different steps of the creation process, till the final output. It will be held online for a period of 8 weeks and will offer an opportunity for creating, learning and sharing skills.

SAF artistic residence is a space for the investigation and exploration of art.

All artists, collectors and developers that have been published and presented on our Medium are now officially part of the programme.

Art created by NUNA Team



With this programme we want to promote the collaboration between the participants so all exchange of ideas and informations about the project development and needs is always encouraged:

  • Each participant will work on his/her own project over all the duration of the residence.
  • Each participant is required to respond to the theme (more indication on the bottom) indicated and will define and send a proposal of a specific project to be developed during the time in the residence
  • A brief description of the project (Creator, Project title, Estimated number of artworks included, Project concept) is required to be sent to in the beginning of the residency.
  • At the end of residency, each participant will take part in a video interview to share about the experience and creative process.
  • The resident agrees to name SAF in those communications made about the work in progress or the project (on social media, press releases, etc).

The project creation and sale:

  • Each participant will work on a final output that could be related to the different kind of arts (drawing, graphic, photo, video, music…).
  • Each participant will create a collection including a minimum of 20 artworks. The number can be modified according to the artist necessities and collection characteristics/technique used (hand drawing, generative art, photography etc).
  • The collection should contain a reference to NUNA project (this does not mean that you have to put NUNA logo).
  • The final artworks created during the residency has to be minted on Litemint marketplace on stellar Network.
  • Each project will be published and promoted by us on Nuna Project Art social media channels (Discord, Twitter, Medium)
  • All minted NFTs are recommended to be sold in NUNA token — This will give to the buyers and sellers access to a 10% revenue (this will be paid them directly from NUNA token team).

If you sell/buy your NFTs in NUNA token: remember you have to send the sale transaction to Nuna Project Art Twitter to get the revenue.

About the artwork created during the residence:

Each participant will have to donate to NUNA collection percentage of his/her collection artworks belonging to the project created during his/her stay. Previous or futures pieces will not be accepted.

The number of artworks donated will be decided according to the collection technique and characteristics with a maximum of 40% and a minimum of 20%. (Example: the amount can change between a hand drawing art project or a generative art collection)

We will use these works as part of NUNA gallery and as prizes for NUNA holders and for staking/lottery in NUNA.

Economical Support:

Each participant will receive an economical support (given in NUNA token) for week for their participation in the residence, to be used for the implementation and creation of their project idea. NUNA team is committed to give in time a 30% of its total supply for the creation and implementation of art related projects.

The monthly support will be set in relation to the necessities of the participant. Each participant will have to send us the concept of the his/her project, together with the budget request.

Project Thematic:

Stellar Family: the theme is to create a project by thinking about collaboration and exchange between the projects in Stellar network.

Requirements: to apply for the residence is necessary to read and respect the following norms

  • Take part in the online residency and work on your project for all its duration.
  • Participate in the relevant meetings, as well as in the activities that are organised for visibility.
  • Submit weekly updates about the progress of the project through video clips/images, texts to be shared via Discord posts on Nuna Project Art.
  • Prepare a final output to present the project. The presentation will be shared on social media channels: it can be a 2 min video, a pdf presentation… try to be creative and clear! (A form will also be provided for the final presentation).
  • Take part in a video call/interview to share the learnings outcomes of the residency.
  • All participants must create/have a wallet on stellar network and share their public keys in order to be identified.
  • The fact of maintaining racist, homophone, transphobic and / or sexist behaviour; and in general any other conduct that may violate human dignity will cause an immediate cancellation of the resident.

About the Collectors:

Collectors are a fundamental piece in this world. They contribute to the production and diffusion of art by directly supporting artists, sponsoring institutions, and participating in the secondary market.

During the course of the program, collectors will be able to exchange ideas and reflect on their position in this ecosystem. The main task of a collector in the SAF will be to meet our artists, for this reason collectors will be assigned a work of art to analyse and criticise. With their experience and knowledge in art they will have to help artists and give them constructive opinions and ideas.

As for the artists, collectors will receive for their participation a weekly amount of NUNA, according to the number of articles and analysed artworks.

About the Developers:

Developers in accordance with the principles, purposes and values have a very important role in the ecosystem. Developers are a fundamental part, in fact all those developers in Stellar who help improve NUNA ecosystem and webpage will receive a huge amount of NUNA Token, according to their contribution.

If you have ideas about how to improve the ecosystem do not hesitate to share them with us!


To apply for the artistic residence complete the form:

This action is the first step (beta version) for the development of the cultural-artistic residence program in SAF

If you have ideas on how we can make NUNA better, reach out at

For partnerships and institutional investments, contact us at

(The SAF residence conditions can be changed in time)