Stellar Artistic Foundation: online Artistic Residence

Art created by NUNA Team


  • Each participant will work on his/her own project over all the duration of the residence.
  • Each participant is required to respond to the theme (more indication on the bottom) indicated and will define and send a proposal of a specific project to be developed during the time in the residence
  • A brief description of the project (Creator, Project title, Estimated number of artworks included, Project concept) is required to be sent to in the beginning of the residency.
  • At the end of residency, each participant will take part in a video interview to share about the experience and creative process.
  • The resident agrees to name SAF in those communications made about the work in progress or the project (on social media, press releases, etc).
  • Each participant will work on a final output that could be related to the different kind of arts (drawing, graphic, photo, video, music…).
  • Each participant will create a collection including a minimum of 20 artworks. The number can be modified according to the artist necessities and collection characteristics/technique used (hand drawing, generative art, photography etc).
  • The collection should contain a reference to NUNA project (this does not mean that you have to put NUNA logo).
  • The final artworks created during the residency has to be minted on Litemint marketplace on stellar Network.
  • Each project will be published and promoted by us on Nuna Project Art social media channels (Discord, Twitter, Medium)
  • All minted NFTs are recommended to be sold in NUNA token — This will give to the buyers and sellers access to a 10% revenue (this will be paid them directly from NUNA token team).
  • Take part in the online residency and work on your project for all its duration.
  • Participate in the relevant meetings, as well as in the activities that are organised for visibility.
  • Submit weekly updates about the progress of the project through video clips/images, texts to be shared via Discord posts on Nuna Project Art.
  • Prepare a final output to present the project. The presentation will be shared on social media channels: it can be a 2 min video, a pdf presentation… try to be creative and clear! (A form will also be provided for the final presentation).
  • Take part in a video call/interview to share the learnings outcomes of the residency.
  • All participants must create/have a wallet on stellar network and share their public keys in order to be identified.
  • The fact of maintaining racist, homophone, transphobic and / or sexist behaviour; and in general any other conduct that may violate human dignity will cause an immediate cancellation of the resident.

About the Collectors:

About the Developers:





We are artists collective.

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Nuna Project Art

Nuna Project Art

We are artists collective.

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