NUNA Token

NUNA is a token designed for art on the Stellar blockchain. It is aimed at the group of artists, collectors, people and institutions that collaborate with our projects.

What is NUNA Token for?

  • Currency of exchange to acquire art and cultural services.
  • As a unit of account for setting prices.
  • As a store of value, which implies that the token can be saved for later use, making savings and enrichment possible.
  • Reward token for users.
  • Help the government for the art market.

The currency was created to be free and decentralised:

The project started with 1,000,000,000 tokens created in genesis that they keep in a blocked account, with an immutable flag and no more will be created.

Check it here the asset infos:

  • Asset Issuer: GCX2…BWOW
  • Asset Code: NUNA
  • Fixed Tokens Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Asset Type: credit_alphanum4
  • Decimal: 7

In order to always be transparent, we decided to put the assets in different directions, so that everyone has the possibility to follow their distribution process.

Asset allocation: Tokenomics NUNA

Use: This wallet is dedicated to funding innovation ideas. The funds in this wallet will be used in the future by artists and developers with projects at NUNA.

Use: This wallet is dedicated to the founders & team behind NUNA. Rewards will be placed into a 2 year vesting period.

Use: The funds in this wallet will be used in the future to create an institution of art and experimentation for artists and developers, who will decide where these funds should go.

Use: This wallet is dedicated to future NUNA staking rewards. Those who participate in the process will get rewarded for locking up (staking) NUNA to secure their votes on the network.

Use: This wallet is dedicated to investors who wish to support the Nuna Project.

Use: This wallet is dedicated to Marketing & Advisors for the NUNA project.

NUNA Ecosystem


  • Inform artists and convert artworks to NFT: NUNA will help to include artworks and artists to blockchain with one click, giving an added value to the arts.
  • Redefine the value of artworks: NUNA will facilitate fairer and more transparent pricing of artworks.
  • Transform the way works of art are valued.
  • Cultivate and store NFT artists: NUNA will invest a large amount of resources to support NFT artists and provide them with a complete development path.
  • Support artists and institutions.
  • Creative Industry Research: NUNA will hire professionals to observe and guide the creative industry, assist and guide in curating new works of art.
  • Artwork and Artists: NUNA supports the tokenization of artwork and artists. The artworks will have their properties confirmed and the sources traced on the blockchain, where users can also exchange them.
  • Communities: Communities are built through the impact of initiators, which will be a forum for art enthusiasts to exchange ideas and recommend valuable artworks and artists through self-government. Finance cultural projects, exchanges, workshops and talks.


It is the governance token for the NUNA Ecosystem. NUNA holders, artist, collectors and developers participate in the governance of NUNA by exchanging and saving the works of art.

Where can you buy NUNA?: SWAP SPOT



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