NUNA Rewards - Liquidity Providers

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2 min readMar 1, 2022


What are Liquidity Founds?

Now that the Decentralized Finance is established with the AMM LP on Stellar Network everyone may become NUNA liquidity provider. Liquidity is no longer concentrated to a particular entity, which means everyone may profit from a specific group’s rewards by supplying liquidity.

Market makers help the market to keep working, so if you want to sell or buy an asset, you can easily do it.

Without market makers the market can have a lower liquidity, so people who want to sell an asset wouldn’t be able to do it without significantly moving the token price due to a lack of buyers in the market. Liquidity Providers will be rewarded in NUNA for their support in increasing market liquidity.

XLM/NUNA and UDSC/NUNA Liquidity Providers, how do you obtain LP tokens?

A matching quantity of LP tokens will be received when the user deposits his/her value in a liquidity pool. These tokens can be interpreted as evidence of value being deposited in the liquidity pool. Remember that if you are LP on Stellar Network you will automatically receive an amount of token.


Start earning USDC/NUNA rewards:

Grow Join the USDC/NUNA pool

Harvest every day, earn NUNA rewards. Paid hourly!


Start earning XLM/NUNA rewards:

Grow Join the XLM/NUNA pool

Harvest every day, earn NUNA rewards. Paid hourly!

Token Details:

NUNA allocation of 1 000 000 000 NUNA tokens has been issued on the Stellar network. No more NUNA tokens will ever be created.

NUNA Token allocation (for rewards and staking):

  • 30% (300M NUNA) dedicated to reward AMM liquidity providers
  • 8% (80M NUNA) dedicate to staking with NUNA. Coming Soon!

To improve our ecosystem and be able to provide rewards with NUNA we have updated in our tokenomics.

NUNA already has over 4000 trustlines enabled and over 1500 people have joined our community channels. Thanks to all who gave us their feedback, we are amazed to see your support.
Now is time to make art with decentralised finance on Stellar Network, NUNA is doing it!