Nuna Project Art
3 min readJun 21, 2022


NUNA Team is pleased to announce the launching of the NUNA NFT Club, a new born community to dedicated to amazing NFT collections and art!

When you get NUNA token, you’re not only buying an asset. You are catching the opportunity to gain the membership access to a club whose benefits will increase over time. NFTs can be your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

NUNA NFT Club — Elycolz


  • Reward the members with quality and curated NFT artistic collections: artworks created by artists from SAF residence, collections or single arts that have been reviewed and NFTs dedicated to NUNA.
  • Talk about art, traditional and contemporary artists, share artistic content, present NFT artists.
  • Curate and give the deserved value to single NFTs and collections.
  • Gain access to Giveaways and Events in NUNA.


  • Holders: To enter the club you need to be in the Top 100 of NUNA holders. Every time a new NFT collection, giveaway or event is launched a screen shot will be made to determinate the list of the participants.
  • Artists: if you are an artist and you want to promote and giveaway your NFT just contact us on NUNA social networks!

How does it work?

  • Every new NFT collection launch or artist giveaway a screen shot is made to determinate the Top 100 holders entering the club. The team of SAF curators will take the decisions for the giveaways and rewards.
  • The members of the Club will be able to obtain free NFTs according to the list and to the realisation of some tasks.
  • In case the collection has less than 100 items there will be an random selection or only the first members in the list will receive these NFTs. Example1 → launch of a collection of 15 items: only the first 15 of the current members in the list will be able to receive the arts. Example 2 → giveaway of NFT 1/1 item: the winner will be selected randomly between the list of the 100 current members.


Why should you enter in NUNA NFT Club?

All projects from the NUNA Art Gallery will be maintained, conserved and will be permanent collections in our exhibitions and museums. That means official collections and NFTs airdrops will be supported in the future.

NUNA Art Gallery aims to source curated art from top artists and reward these collections to the club’s wallet. In the future, these collections may obtain an important value and we will take care of giving them support and exposure.

This is the first phase of NUNA Club, of course in the future we will implement new use cases and opportunities for our collectors.