NUNA DAO System Usage

Nuna Project Art
2 min readApr 5, 2022

A DAO represents a revolutionary innovation in the design and operation of organizations with the purpose of automating decisions. NUNA Project Art aims to be a DAO in the future, in this process Lumenswap DAO system is a first step.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)?

Decentralization: It is not governed by any centralized entity.

Autonomous: it can execute operations automatically and autonomously, without any external intervention.

Organization: It is an organization that is governed by its own rules, which are written in smart contracts and executed on the blockchain.

What is NUNA DAO?

The NUNA DAO system is a great opportunity for the community to propose upgrades, develop new ideas for projects to build and real life uses for the token. This means that all NUNA stakeholders can propose guidance on how to reinvest in NUNA PROJECT ART ecosystem.

What can you propose in a DAO?

Conventional projects have conventional budget elements, things like engineering and server infrastructure. Competitive crypto projects need unconventional budget items, this category includes any form of investment that benefits a project ecosystem.

This is where a DAO comes in, anyone with 250k NUNA can present a financing proposal in the DAO. The community then evaluates the proposal and if it is applicable, clear, practical and if it helps in the growth of NUNA ecosystem they can vote for it. Proposal that only seek the personal benefit will not be accepted.

Example on what a proposal can look like:

Bad examples:

  • Proposal: we should have more marketing
  • Proposal: we need to burn some of the tokens

Good examples:

  • Proposal: create a payment system to be implemented in institutions such as art gallery (time, budget, motivation, expected results…)
  • Proposal: outsource firm x that specializes in these skills and to accomplish task z and here is the expected timeline for the deliverables
  • Proposal: I’m a developer and I want to improve the web page (time, budget, motivation, expected results…)

NUNA DAO offers a great opportunity to propose ideas to create a project in the ecosystem and support its growth. Please note that in order to receive funding, a proposal must be a best use of the funds from a community perspective.