NUNA Auction Report!


Greetings to NUNA community!

Six months ago we started this adventure with the idea of ​​creating a better, fair and accessible world for all artists, artisans, culture guardians and young people interested living on their art. Our idea was to create opportunities for the art community, to develop talents and help preserve our culture.

Today we are happy to say that we have gone one step further to achieve our ideal.

On October 21, 2021 we decided to launch our token. Launch duration was planned for 20 days, but with surprise in the first 32 hours all launch supply was sold. This represents a demonstration of the confidence the investors have in the solid and forward-looking project “NUNA Project Art”.


Community public sale: 180,000,000 NUNA

Sale token price: 1 NUNA = 0.001 XLM

Founds recollected: 180,000 XLM

Time: 32 Horas



Nuna Project Art

We are artists collective.