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Nuna Project Art
6 min readJul 28, 2021


NUNA is a token for Art.

This image is designed for StellArt: Share your culture.

What is Nuna?

Art and culture are part of our life and characterize the society in which we live, it is important to support them and those who work and are interested in this area. Today in fact many people are still facing the challenge of living with the incomes of artistic works.

Digitization, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, internet of things, augmented reality, blockchain, and other big developments — these all represent the fourth industrial revolution 4.0.

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Why was Nuna born?

Nuna was born from the desire to share and disseminate culture and to support the exchange of art through a token that will be given to everyone who is part of the collective.

With our token we want to create a bonus that adds a value to the art that is exchanged and also characterises it, making each work part of a long-term project in continuous evolution.

Our goal is to facilitate the access of the artistic community to the science and the new technologies. We want to provide tools that allow the accessibility of art, education, proof of the autority, digitization, protection, monitoring, evaluation and monetization of art objects by turning them into valuable and liquid digital assets.

Nuna is an artistic initiative that works with the intention of:

  • Support artistic creation, dissemination and research.
  • Promote collaborative work between artists from different disciplines in different spaces.
  • Promote and develop the work of emerging artists belonging to the collective, both inside and outside the usual artistic promotion channels.
  • Amplify the artistic offer of your city of residence and on the NFTs platforms.
  • Develop cultural and artistic education, through workshops and talks.

What do we do?

Create a community of artists, collectors, and developers

Our aim is to develop a community where everyone can support and grow in her/his abilities. We want to connect the art world with the blockchain so that the dissemination and exchange of art is more secure and honest. The blockchain allows to prevent the fraud of artistic works, gives recognition to the author and leaves out intermediaries. We want to promote a decentralized registry that contains information about the authenticity and the path of the artworks.

Digitization is also a way to preserve street art and turn it into digital concept art that is legal. It is also a way to make a permanent document of art forms that are temporary in nature, such as street performances, shows, or pop-up exhibits.

Preserve cultural heritage

Cultural Heritage is an anchor for our past and our history, it allows us to feel part of it and of the humanity. It gives us identity and allows us to know ourselves better socially. Culture and art have the peculiarity of educating, allowing us to know the ourselves and offering the population a certain intellectual development.

We want to develop a concept for a system in which digital versions of objects of cultural significance can be stored and shared through the Stellar Network.

Digital certification

We want to create a unique ecosystem for various technologies solutions and services into the cultural/art environment: a time capsule for high-precision digital copies of art objects.

A trusted platform to finance together the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage. A convenient and easy-to-use digital container for any information related to art objects with a digital letter of authenticity and in-depth evidence of provenance.

We have made a rough estimate of how many objects of art are currently stored in museums and galleries: at this time, institutions around the world contain more than a billion items in their books, shelves and warehouses. Digitizing the full amount will require billions of dollars.

NUNA is a token for Art. Cover of The Art of Living, 1967 by Rene Magritte

Nuna in Quechua means “Soul” or “Spirit”. It fits with the thought that art comes from the soul. Art is the maximum expression of human nature, it is our inner light. At the same time, it has a connection with lumens, which is the unit for measuring luminous flux. In any case art can be measured by Lumens.We are all art!

❊ NUNA Token

NUNA is a token designed for art on the Stellar blockchain. It is aimed at the group of artists, collectors, people and institutions that collaborate with our projects.

What is Nuna Token for?

  • Currency of exchange to acquire art and cultural services.
  • As a unit of account for setting prices.
  • As a store of value, which implies that the token can be saved for later use, making savings and enrichment possible.
  • Reward token for users.
  • Help the government for the art market.

The currency was created to be free and decentralised:

The project started July 2021 with 1 billion tokens created in genesis that they keep in a blocked account, with an immutable flag and no more will be created.

You can check it here:

Asset info:

  • Asset Issuer: GCX2…BWOW
  • Asset Code: NUNA
  • Fixed Tokens Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Asset Type: credit_alphanum4
  • Decimal: 7

In order to always be transparent, we decided to put the assets in different directions, so that everyone has the possibility to follow their distribution process.

NUNA Ecosystem


  • Inform artists and convert artworks to NFT: NUNA will help to include artworks and artists to blockchain with one click, giving an added value to the arts.
  • Redefine the value of artworks: NUNA will facilitate fairer and more transparent pricing of artworks.
  • Transform the way works of art are valued.
  • Cultivate and store NFT artists: NUNA will invest a large amount of resources to support NFT artists and provide them with a complete development path.
  • Support artists and institutions.
  • Creative Industry Research: NUNA will hire professionals to observe and guide the creative industry, assist and guide in curating new works of art.
  • Artwork and Artists: NUNA supports the tokenization of artwork and artists. The artworks will have their properties confirmed and the sources traced on the blockchain, where users can also exchange them.
  • Communities: Communities are built through the impact of initiators, which will be a forum for art enthusiasts to exchange ideas and recommend valuable artworks and artists through self-government. Finance cultural projects, exchanges, workshops and talks.


It is the governance token for the NUNA Ecosystem. NUNA holders, artist, collectors and developers participate in the governance of NUNA by exchanging and saving the works of art.

This image is designed by Elycolz “the beginnings”, the image takes inspiration from Rene Magritte “The Victory 1939”

❊ What’s next?

NUNA is all about the community, so we want to get you involved.

Stay tuned! We’ll have a lot more updates in the coming days.

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For partnerships and institutional investments, contact us at

This project will be presented at Stellar Community Fund 3.0