Introducing Nuna Project Art

This image is designed for StellArt: Share your culture.

What is Nuna?

Why was Nuna born?

  • Support artistic creation, dissemination and research.
  • Promote collaborative work between artists from different disciplines in different spaces.
  • Promote and develop the work of emerging artists belonging to the collective, both inside and outside the usual artistic promotion channels.
  • Amplify the artistic offer of your city of residence and on the NFTs platforms.
  • Develop cultural and artistic education, through workshops and talks.

What do we do?

NUNA is a token for Art. Cover of The Art of Living, 1967 by Rene Magritte

❊ NUNA Token

  • Currency of exchange to acquire art and cultural services.
  • As a unit of account for setting prices.
  • As a store of value, which implies that the token can be saved for later use, making savings and enrichment possible.
  • Reward token for users.
  • Help the government for the art market.
  • Asset Issuer: GCX2…BWOW
  • Asset Code: NUNA
  • Fixed Tokens Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Asset Type: credit_alphanum4
  • Decimal: 7
  • Inform artists and convert artworks to NFT: NUNA will help to include artworks and artists to blockchain with one click, giving an added value to the arts.
  • Redefine the value of artworks: NUNA will facilitate fairer and more transparent pricing of artworks.
  • Transform the way works of art are valued.
  • Cultivate and store NFT artists: NUNA will invest a large amount of resources to support NFT artists and provide them with a complete development path.
  • Support artists and institutions.
  • Creative Industry Research: NUNA will hire professionals to observe and guide the creative industry, assist and guide in curating new works of art.
  • Artwork and Artists: NUNA supports the tokenization of artwork and artists. The artworks will have their properties confirmed and the sources traced on the blockchain, where users can also exchange them.
  • Communities: Communities are built through the impact of initiators, which will be a forum for art enthusiasts to exchange ideas and recommend valuable artworks and artists through self-government. Finance cultural projects, exchanges, workshops and talks.


This image is designed by Elycolz “the beginnings”, the image takes inspiration from Rene Magritte “The Victory 1939”

❊ What’s next?

This project will be presented at Stellar Community Fund 3.0




We are artists collective.

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Nuna Project Art

Nuna Project Art

We are artists collective.

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