Artists in SAF residence

“Nothing new is under the sun, being an artist is like being a mirror we reflect the world, things come out different even if an idea seems familiar. How you make it is what makes art original”

Central Park NYC: a memory of a day spent in the park to “escape” the noise of the city. Oil painting on canvas. Link:

Ink approached to art when he was 7, since than he never stop drawing and developing new projects. Art is his passion and profession; aside from daily and family responsibilities, he is daily drawing, painting and interacting with artists. Working on canvas he uses rich tones of colours that provide energy to his paintings and characters.

Phoenix Eternal: art based on the comic book character. Oil paint and pastels.

INK explores and dedicate both to the traditional painting techniques and to the digital mediums, that he implies to animate comic books.

His current project is the co-creation of a comic book series “Legends of Folk”, Ink is also working on two NFTs projects “Wackos” and “Bar_Code Headz” that can be found on LiteMint Marketplace.

Check his art on Twitter and LiteMint:

Twitter: @artbydixon

LiteMint marketplace: Search for “Ink”

NFT Collection, Bar_Code Headz, Juicy man: Juicy Fruit chewing gum was the first bar code scanned in America. This art is part of a series reflecting on our history of coding in a surrealistic manner. Oil Painting. Link:

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