Colette and Randy Freiberg

Nuna Project Art
2 min readJun 9, 2022

NUNA artists and collectors


My father and grandfather were artists. I grew up drawing with pencil. Later I learned oils, watercolour and chalk. My mother was an interior decorator. At age 10 I helped her work through design school and participated in her design projects. Mostly textiles.

My mother also taught me cloisone jewelry with glass and metal, macrame and studding clothing. As an adult I became a fine finish carpenter working with rare woods building furniture and remodelling homes. I also have done landscape design and interior decorating In addition i have learned to make wire wrapped jewelry and silverware jewelry.

I enjoy Green and Green architecture as well as Frank Lloyd Wright. I am also inspired by Mission style/Arts and crafts. Currently I am working on an NFT project that I will mint on Litemint Store.

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