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“Have faith and keep learning.”

Hello! I’m Arnob. I joined the amazing family of Stellar as a Community Moderator for YieldBlox. I’ve worked for & with several other projects on Stellar, took part in managing a NFT workshop with the help of amazing people from the Jpeg Dao. It has been an amazing journey with Stellar for me :D

Dawn — Litemint Store

Art to me works like motivation, something that gives me power to work or concentrate. From my view art can be drawn art, animated art, a tune or a song. A game can be a piece of art too. It can be anything that carries the emotion of its creator.

I’m still a newbie in the development world. I started to learn code around 2 years ago. I’m currently a computer science student, the drive behind me learning to code would be my dream to make a XR open world RPG accessible to anyone, anywhere.

My favorite artist on the Stellar Network would be Gnaw aka Gnaw, The Bear — the founder of GnawbearsNFT. He was like a mentor to me to many new aspects of the Crypto world (especially NFT). I also look up to LumenJack, Andrew (INK), Metalcrazy, Silence and many other artists out there!

My goal is to build something that can benefit and unify the projects on Stellar. It’s a secret for now, but if it’s successful, everyone will be benefitted. For now, I pass my day studying for university and learning to code.

Dusk — Litemint Store

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